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Land Division

Dane County Planning and Development regulates land division and provides review for proposed subdivision plats and certified survey maps.

A lot of land bound by two roads

Land Divisions

The Dane County subdivision ordinance governs the division of land into smaller parcels. This ordinance includes requirements for layout, public streets, improvements, dedications and lot design. It applies if you divide one or more lots from your property, with any lot 35 acres or less in size. A certified survey map (CSM) is required if the division of land will create fewer than five lots. A subdivision plat is needed to create five or more lots.

You or your surveyor may submit a CSM or plat to the County Land Division Review Officer. That Officer approves CSMs for the County, while the Zoning and Land Regulation Committee approves plats. Your town must also approve the CSM or plat, and if your land is near a city or village, the city or village must also approve the CSM or plat. A lot is not legally created until the approved CSM or final plat is signed by all approving authorities and recorded at the Register of Deeds Office.

Land Division Application Parcel Status ApplicationChapter 75 Dane County Code of OrdinancesWisconsin State Statute 236