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Underrepresented Communities Historical Markers Program

The Underrepresented Communities Historical Markers program began in the fall of 2023, when the Dane County Board of Supervisors adopted an amendment calling for the creation of a historical markers program in Dane County. While there are existing historical marker programs in the area, Dane County’s first historical markers program will provide an opportunity for us to highlight the many peoples and cultures of Dane County that have thrived here for many years. 

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What is a historical marker?

A historical marker can take many forms, but in short, it is a sign placed in a significant location with text or images that helps to teach current residents and visitors about our past. Markers typically have text describing the event, but can also include images, quotes, and web links to other resources and information. While the details of the markers for Dane County are not yet decided, here are a few examples of what a historical marker may look like. 

Marker 2Who decides where we put the historical markers?

You do! If you have an idea about a place, person or event that’s particularly important to you and your community, please take a few moments to submit your idea on our online survey.  If you are a member of an organization, group or unit of government that represents or serves a particular community, we strongly encourage you to work together and send one submission on behalf of your group.   Once submissions are collected, the newly formed Dane County Heritage Preservation Commission will evaluate submissions to determine where markers will be placed.

What about sites that don’t get a marker?

In addition to physical signs that will be placed around Dane County, we will also create an interactive web map that will allows us to recognize additional locations of significance, even if they do not have a sign at the location. If funding is available, Dane County will be able to place additional historical markers at a later time. 

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